What is this site about? I’m so glad you asked! This is a website all about sunshine. No, not in the hippy spiritual sense of the word. Actual, real sunshine. The kind that will give you sunburn. Specifically, this site is about how you can harness that boundless energy to make your life easier and maybe help out the environment.

Solar power is a technology whose time has come and the best isn’t even behind us yet, so I decided I wanted to get in on the ground floor and share the good news of solar energy with the whole world. A lot of people might still think of solar power as a neat trick that has no practical use, but modern solar technology is more than good enough to replace the role of grid power in your life, if you are willing to change just a few things about how you live.

This site is not about preaching, however. It’s about spreading positive news about solar power and educating people who are curious about it. Solar is shaping up to be the future of energy, but without public support and understanding it’s never going to be a success.

So who am I? I’m a tech geek who likes all sorts of things. Electric cars, computers, and every electronic gadget you can imagine. For the last few years I’ve been getting more and more excited over solar and other renewables. After seeing a friend convert his entire home to solar I was hooked, and I decided I needed to know as much as possible about this technology.

This site is the culmination of my time learning about our bright energy future, and now I’m sharing it with you!